Pimp My Printer

This section list projects for improvement of 3D Printers.


Prusa – Printbed Level Adjustment Knob

Some FDM printers (like the Prusa i3, and others), whether purchased assembled or as a kit, are already equiped with ...
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Graber i3: Base/Bearings Adaptador

The Graber i3 is a 3D Printer Prusa i3 clone, but with a laser cut MDF structure. There are lots of ...
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Big LCD (FullGraphics) – Part 1: Case and Sliding stand

My 3D Printer, a Graber i3, Prusa i3 clone, was assembled (by me) using a kit purchased on Mercado Livre (brazilian ...
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3D Printer – Kossel – Print Bed Holder

The Kossel 3D printers are a type of "delta" printer, where 3 vertical axes, moving simultaneosly, position the print head on ...
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