If you had to mark several points (for drilling them) on the edge of a MDF sheet (for exemple), you know that mark them precisely on the center of the edge can take some time (depending on the sheet thickness, it can be even complicated). Using this tool, the marking task turns into an easy one.

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Until some time ago, when I was not using my headphone (the one I use on my computer) I let it hung on a hook attatched to the cabinet. But recently, I purchased a new headphone, with better sound quality and more beautiful. I decided that the hook was not a good companion for such good device. So, I started looking for some better holder that I could 3D print.
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I tested a lot of table smartphone stands (and some tablet stands) but, so far, none of them were much of mi interest. They were fragile, didn’t grip the device well, didn’t allow to use the device on both vertical / horizontal orientation, or I couldn’t use them connected to a USB cable, or even worked well on some particular smartphone models.

That’s when I found a stand I consider great in many aspects:

  • It allows the device to be used on both vertical / horizontal orientations
  • It’s firm and string on both orientation and grips the devices well
  • It can be used with the device connected to a USB cable
  • It accepts virtually any smartphone on the market (even the older / thicker ones)
  • And, it looks and feels good

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The SD memory cards are very good devices to store data (mostly photos and videos). On the raize of the Smartphones, the MicroSDs took the position of the most used from their predecessors and, considering the current technology, they can store lots of GBs of data (even 1TB cards are becoming available now, which is pretty impressive).
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