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For most of the people, one wristwatch is enough (some people, after the cellphone, not even make use of wristwatches). I, on the other hand, have more than one (3 to be exact). Until some days ago, when they were not in use, on my wrist, I would leave them under my computer monitor. I had already thought about modeling some watch stand, but this intention was always low priority, considering my other projects. Thankfully, everthing changed when, recently, I came across a project on Thingverse that is exaclty what I always needed on this subject. As I only needed to print it, its priority was on the top. This post is about this “utility” (if I may call it this way).


The Stand

Originally, the project developed by Domenic (ou mistertech) was targeted to a specific wristwatch model, that he owns. But it fitted OK with the whatches I have.

As shown in the imave above, the object is printed layed down on the table, which makes one of its sides perfectly flat. This feature gave me an idea, which may not be “seen” by Domenic: Printing 2 object, being one mirrored from the other in a way I could assemble a stand for 2 watches simultaneously.



Once printed, I superglued the parts using some CA glue:



After the glue dried, I put the EVA autostick feet:



Download e Printing

The object can be downloaded from Thingiverse on:


The printing parameters are:

Nozzle 0.4mm é enough. Smaller diameter would make the object smoother
Material ABS: Scale in 1.01
Infill I used 30%. It probably works with 15%, but I don’t recoment less than 25%
Other It was NOT necessary to print with supports


Final Thoughts

As I mentioned, I have 3 watches so, why I only printed support for 2? Well, one of my watches is a Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier, which has a wireless charging base. To allow using the stand while charging the G.Gear, I would need to adapt it. I may do it in the future, but it’s low priority for now.



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