GoPro Tripod Quick-Release Plate Adapter Mount

If, like me, you like photography (and you have a tripod), but also you have GoPro cameras (or similars), this post can be very usefull. It describes the and reviews a GoPro mount with adaptor for a tripe quick-release meachanism. Very usefull.

This object can be downloaded from Thingiverse on the link below:

It’s important to download the file “”, because there are 2 files and, according some user comments one of them doesn’t fit ok on GoPro nuts/screws.


The object design is very good and beautiful.





On the last image you can see that the quick-release handle doesn’t lock after the adapter be inserted (apparently the adapter is a bit bigger than it should be). Nevertheless, it works fine and the adapter fits thightly in place.



Nozzle 0.4mm is enough. Smaller nozzles would result in a better finished object
Material ABS: It’s important to scale the object in 1.01
Infill I used 30%. Probably, it works fine with 15%
Other It’s necessary to print the object using “supports”, because there are parts of it that are hanging off the final object.



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