Center Finder for Edges

If you had to mark several points (for drilling them) on the edge of a MDF sheet (for exemple), you know that mark them precisely on the center of the edge can take some time (depending on the sheet thickness, it can be even complicated). Using this tool, the marking task turns into an easy one.

The objects can be downloaded from Thingiverse on the link below:


I ended up printing on 4 of the 5 available objects, because I considered the biggest one not necessary to the material thickess I work with (mostly MDF up to 15mm thick). And, if some day I need it, I can print it, because it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to do it).




The purpose of this tool is to mark center points on object edges. But after some use, I found out another way to use it: marking semicircles on corners. I don’t know how useful is this, and you are limited to the ray fixed by the pieces sizes. Anyway, I found nice to mention it.




Nozzle 0.4mm is enough. Smaller nozzles would result in a better finished object
Material ABS: If you want the object to be precise (to mark semicircles, for example), scale them in1.01. Otherwise, it’s not necessary any scaling.
Infill I used 30%



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