Wall Mounted Headphone holder

Until some time ago, when I was not using my headphone (the one I use on my computer) I let it hung on a hook attatched to the cabinet. But recently, I purchased a new headphone, with better sound quality and more beautiful. I decided that the hook was not a good companion for such good device. So, I started looking for some better holder that I could 3D print.

After some search on Thingiverse.com, encontrei o seguinte projeto:

I confess that I find the project a little “too much”, considering material spending / printing time (it took about 3h40min on my printer).

For sure, it could be done with less plastic, but the its desing and finishing worth it.


An important detail is that, the original object is very small (less than1cm) so, it’s necessary to scale it to the desired size before the slicing and printing. In order to get the right size, I rotated the object in way the headphone rest was aligned to the grid on the Repetier application. Once I did that, I could decide which scale would be the best to fit my headphone in (23x was the scale I used).


Printed Holder



Note, in the last picture above, that I sticked 4 pieces of VHB double sided tape, to allow me to fix the holder to cabinet of the computer.



3D Printing

Nozzle 0.4mm is enough
Material ABS or PLA
Infill I used 15% infill, but I believe 10% would be more than enough
Other Remember to adjust the scale of the object according to your needs. I scaled in 23 (23 times the original size)


Other alternatives



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