Continuing from the previous post the idea is to improve the box’s visual to make it looks more like what was supposed to be its main functionality. In order to make that happens let’s add in the box’s cover a decal as cool as the standard arcade’s. Let’s also improve the long term quality adding an acrylic cover as a final touch in order to make it looks even better and protect the decal.

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When you start working on electronics projects, one of the most important item is power supply. There are many ways to follow on this subject:

  • Purchase a power supply for each of the necessary voltage (12V and 5V are pretty easy to find, 3.3V not so much)
  • Use the computer USB outlet (it’s almost a standard on Arduino projects)
  • User batteries

For simple and infrequent projects, you can move forward with one of the options above, but when you get serious projects, these options are not very good (they are not practical, the lack power, …). So, the choice is to purchase a professional bench power supply, which, in general, can cost a lot or, being a DIYer, you can use an old  AT/ATX computer power supply and make your own bench power supply, adding the features you like most.

This post is about the making of a my bench power supply. The second part of this post is on Bench Power Supply Part II  – Assembly.
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