Big LCD (FullGraphics) – Part 1: Case and Sliding stand

My 3D Printer, a Graber i3, Prusa i3 clone, was assembled (by me) using a kit purchased on Mercado Livre (brazilian e-bay like e-commerce).

The LCD included in the kit is good. It’s a character matrix of 20 columns by 4 lines and do the basics.

However, about a year after its acquisition and assembly of the kit, I considering doing an upgrade to the LCD on size and accessability.

I purchased, then,  a “Full Graphics” big LCD.  Comparing it to the previous  LCD, the amount of information it presents doesn’t change (at least using the current version of Marlin). On the other hand, the information are presented in a more friendly and pleasant way, besides having more room for improvements in the future.

Also, being narrower than the previous one, I can put it in other place then the front, allowing me to add some knob to control the tension on the Y-axis belt (the one which moves the printing bed).

After some work, I got the LCD working. So, I needed to get a case and some stand to secure it near the printer. I checked on Thingiverse and managed to find exactly what I was looking for (and I am meaning it): LCD 128×64 case support.

The LCD fitted perfectly in the case I printed from this project






Really perfect! The only pending detail is that the project only provides a fixed stand that allow only for the angle changing. The first thought is “ok, not a big deal”. Actually, I only noticed a problem when I screwed it on the cabinet of my printer (picture below):

It gets very close to the cabinet walls at is left. That’s a big problem, because the SD Card port is in that concavity on the left of LCD case. This way, every time I wanted to change the SD card, I would have to take the cabinet apart or unscrew the LCD case. Not nice….

Well, maybe it is nice, because there’s almost nothing you can’t improve if you have a 3D printer. I just needed to think in a stand that allowed me to slide the LCD off/on when I wanted to access the SD card port.

An that’s exactly what I did!

First, I designed a middle slider, to be attatched to the “connector” already screwed to the back of the LCD case:



That done, I designed the stand, containing some “rails” that would allow the slider to move. After measuring the cabinet front dimensions, I inclined the rails in a 20 degrees angle, to make room for the LCD to move off the cabinet:


Everything fine so far. Now, I just needed to screw the stand to the base of the cabinet. For that, I mounte the stand / slider with ruber bands (2 images above), marked where I should make the holes and proceeded:





Screws , Nuts, …

  • 6x 15mm M3 allen screws
  • 4x 12mm M3 allen screws
  • 4x 10mm M3 allen screws
  • 6x M3 nuts
  • 6x M3 washers
  • 4x phillips wood screws (3mm x 12mm)


Complete Project

The complete project, including the files I designed, can be downloaded from my personal page on Thingiverse:

Off course, this is just the first part of the project. The second part will bring instruction on how to compile the Marlin firmware in order to make it work with the Full Graphics LCD.



Nozzle 0.4mm is enough, although smaller diameters would have better finishing
Material ABS: Scale in 1.01
Infill 20% is enough
Other When printing the stand parts, remember make one a mirror of the other, to make sure the rails point inwards.



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