Smartphone and Tablet Stand

I tested a lot of table smartphone stands (and some tablet stands) but, so far, none of them were much of mi interest. They were fragile, didn’t grip the device well, didn’t allow to use the device on both vertical / horizontal orientation, or I couldn’t use them connected to a USB cable, or even worked well on some particular smartphone models.

That’s when I found a stand I consider great in many aspects:

  • It allows the device to be used on both vertical / horizontal orientations
  • It’s firm and string on both orientation and grips the devices well
  • It can be used with the device connected to a USB cable
  • It accepts virtually any smartphone on the market (even the older / thicker ones)
  • And, it looks and feels good

The object in question can be downloaded from Thingiverse, on the link below. It has 2 files: one for smartphones and other for tablets. The information provided below are related to the smartphone version.


The object, printed by my Prusa i3 clone, has a very good finishing, maybe due to the round edges.



Using the stand with a Motorola X Style (5,7 inches)




Using the stand with an old Samsung Galaxy S (4 inches)



As a bonus, a view from the stand being printed



Nozzle 0.4mm is enough. Use smaller nozzles to get a better finishing
Material ABS: Scale in 1.01
Infill 15% – 20% is enough



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