Soap Holder


Some days ago, the soap holder from my bathroom broke up. Instead of buying a new one from a supermarket, I decided to look for a 3D model for printing.

I didn’t even need to look hard on Thingiverse, once the first search results contained a very nice one. The files for printing can be downloaded from the link below:

The design of the soap holder is very convenient, having two parts:: A “grill”, where the soap sits on, allowing the water (that soaks the soap after using it) to flow down to “holder”. The “holder”, contains the water until it’s clean or overflow through the gap on one of the corners.

The cleaning can be done as simples as throwing the water out, through the gap on the holder, or by removing the frill and performing a complete cleanining (I do this after the soap runs out, usually).





Nozzle 0.4mm, altough, smaller diameters would result in a nicer object
Material ABS: No need to scale because of the material
Infill The object walls are so thin that no infill is necessary
Other The size of the original objects, on the .stl files were established for big soaps.

I scaled the objects down to 0.7 of the original sizes to match the regular soap size (in Brazil, at least)