Bag Clips – Slide Clip


This bag clip is not an evolution or an update for the bag clip described in a previous article. It’s a different model, targeted to bigger bags, altough it can be used with smaller ones also.

Th print files for this object can be found on Thingiverse, at the address below:


The slide bag clip works better with more thick kind of plastics, with a well defined bag shaped bag (snacks, chocolate, chocolate powder, …).

In contrast to the other clip model, as shown in the images below, it’s necessary to fold the bag 2cm-3cm down from the upper end and slide it into the clip, around the central core.

Depending on the plastic thinckness, in order to keep a good seal, it’s suggested to fold the bag twice, before slide it into the clip.

Clip Sacos plásticos


The project features files on several clip sizes: 12cm, 14cm, 15cm, 17.5cm, 20cm, 22.5cm e 25cm.

Due to the limitations of my printer, I couldn’t print clips bigger than 17.5cm, the exact size of the example on the images below.




Nozzle 0.4mm, altough, smaller diameters would result in a nicer object
Material ABS: Scale the object on 1.0.1
Infill 30% is the ideal, tough, it will be used only in a few layer of the core rod
Other  In case of a printing bed of 220mmx220mm (or smaller), it’s advisable to lay the object in a diagonal manner