Pimp my byte part 2 (restoring the original white).

Continuing the previous article, my idea is try to restore as best as I can the original look and state and, in order to do so now it is time to clean up the dirty and remove the yellow color off the plastic. I will also take the opportunity  to clean the best as I can the inside of this computer.

Here we have an image showing the yellowness and the dirty.

First of all I will take a part to have an idea how big my job will be.

With the case opened we have the upper part with the keyboard in it. It seems ok.

but the bottom part it is terrible.
Removing the power supply ( the one that was replaced in the previous post ), there are more dirty spots.
Now, we have to open the keyboard. Here it is apart from the computer.
The membrane is completely dirty ( for 30 years, maybe not ).
And the keys.
The case besides the dirtiness was a little grubby on the sides and in the top. In this image it is being cleaned.
After all the clean up, we just wait it dries.
Once washed let’s try to apply retr0bright. Short version, it is a compound, basically hydrogen peroxide 40 volumes as a gel that claims to rever the yellowness caused by the incidence of the ultra violet light in plastic compounds due to a product that is put in the plastic to difficult the  combustion ( due to international safety norms ). In order to make this works, the secret is to apply the formula ( with all protection possible to avoid burns and even blindness ) and let all in the ultraviolet light for about 4 hours ( sun light ).
As it would be a pain in the back to make this formula I will try this product that I’d found in a beauty shop,  to dye the hair. This product already give me the hydrogen peroxide at 40 volume in a creamy state. I paid for it around US$ 1,25.
In highlight the compose (sorry, this is in brazilian portuguese):
About to be wrapped in a plastic to avoid the product to vaporize and maximize its effects.
Here we have the product applied and absorbing the sun light. The keyboard and the case.
Rotating every 30 minutes in order to all parts have the same amount of light.
Here the final result, after removing the product, washed and assembled. A comparison before and after.