Smartphone Adjustable Size Holder – With GoPro Mount


Intending to use my smartphone to shoot technical videos (objects being 3D printed, assemblies, disassemblies, …), and I needed a holder / adapter to mount it on a tripod or something alike.
My first thought was to search for a ready one in AliExpress, BangGood, etc. Although I could find a cheap product there, it would  take months do be delivered (here in Brazil), which, in this case, was something that matters. As I was already an owner of a 3D printer, I tried looking for a solution on Thingiverse. And I found several ones, but none as I would like them do be. So, as a DIYer, the obvious choice was to create my own solution.

Before starting the modeling, I defined some requirements:

  1. It should be adjustable, in order to allow different smartphone devices
  2. It should be able to attatch to several different surfaces, mountings, etc

The first requirement was mor difficult to concept, as smartphones are available in different sizes, thickness, different amount of buttons and places were they are positioned… How to contemplate so many variations? My solution, after some prototypes was this:

  • Have an object as narrow as possible, in order to allow more free space from it on the smartphone borders
  • Split it in 2 sliding parts allowing it to increase/decrease its size
  • Let the holder bits to be as thick as the thicker smartphone I’ve found

The second requirement was easier to contemplate: I am a GoPro camera owner (I have 3 devices), and so, I have lots of adapters for them, for a variety of situations. The solution os use a GoPro mount adapter.

As the last image (above) shows, I used some rubber band to make tension between the two parts of the mount. I could have used a spring, but the rubber bands work just fine, they are available in almost every store, being very cheap and, therefore, having a big advantage over springs.

The GoPro mount adapter allows me to fasten the solution to virtally any place, material or object.



The .stl files ready for printing are available in the project page on Thingiverse. Use the link below:


3D Printing

Nozzle 0.4mm – No need for a smaller diameter
Material ABS: It’s necessry to scale in 1.01 due to material shrikage
Infill 30% is the ideal. Less then 30%, the object may not be as stiff as it should