SD/microSD card holder


The SD memory cards are very good devices to store data (mostly photos and videos). On the raize of the Smartphones, the MicroSDs took the position of the most used from their predecessors and, considering the current technology, they can store lots of GBs of data (even 1TB cards are becoming available now, which is pretty impressive).

On the other hand, its small size (specifically the MicroSDs), make them very susceptible to be lost. Any person having several SD/microSD cars probably lost one or two. Until a few months ago, I had a box, purchase to store one 3-1/2 floppy disk, as my SD card storage box.

This changed when I assembled my 3D printer. Searching for objects to print, at Thingiverse, I found this one:


The project presents a SD/microSD card holder in a jackknife format, including 3 possible combinations:

  • 2 SD cards
  • 8 microSD cards
  • 4 microSD + 1 SD card

Besides, it’s possible to choose if the card “slots” should have a hole or not (to make easier to get the cards off the tray). I also has the top/bottom trays, allowing them to have a customizable text.

But, in order to customize the text and the holes, it’s necessary to know a little bit abou OpenSCAD, and download the source file uSD_holder.scad. Unfortunately, the project authot forgot to add a library, used by the source file to make texts: : “text_on.scad”, but don’t worry, it can be downloade from the autor’s GITHub page.


My customization

I decided by having 4 trays, being 3 exclusively for SD cards and one exclusively for microSD ones, but it’s possible to have more or less trays. Unfortunately the texts I customized ended up being very shallow and my painting skills were not enough to get result better than acceptable.

For the assembly, I used this items:

It was necessary to change the size of the holes for the magnets (in the OpenSCAD file), becaus the original project uses 3mm magnets. Also, I glued, using some CA glue (a.k.a. superglue) the small pieces held by the screw oposite of the pivot one.

The magnets are not mandatory. If a good tork is applied to the screws, the friction between each two trays is enough to hold them closed. Altough, using the magnets, the screws can be set a bit loose and the trays can open smoothly, being held closed by the magnets. If using magnets, it’s nice to file / sand a little bit of the top and bottom of each tray, in order to reduce the friction.



Nozzle 0.4mm – No need for smaller diameter
Material ABS: It’s necessary to scale the objects in 1.01, otherwise the cards will not fit in they slots
Infill Use 30% infill


Other Models

This is the best model in my opinion, but there are others, listed below: