Battery Holders


I found this set of objects on the first time I accessed Thingiverse, when I was looking for nice things to print.

There are plenty of battery holders on Thingiverse, but, for me, this is the best and the ideal one: It has a simple and elegant design and, also, 8 variants of it are available for download: AA and AAA battery sizes, in a 4, 8, 12 and 16 batteries disposition, more than enough for most of the needs of any people (and you always can print more of them).




Nozzle 0.4mm – No need for smaller diameter
Material ABS: It’s necessry to scale in 1.01, otherwise the batteries aren’t gonna fit.
Infill Considering the walls are thin, the infill value makes no difference


Other Models

In case this model is not  the right one for you or even if you wana take a look at other to compare them, I list other 5 below. Note that I didn’t print any of then and, therfore, neither of them catched my preference, nor I can assure if they are good or not (you gonna need to print them to check by yourself).