Tap Drill Adapters / Handle + Box

Some time ago, I purchased, on AliExpress these “tap drill bits“, which are drills for carving threads in some material in som screw specification.

Their quality is very good and they work exactly as I needed / expected.

The only detail is that they are exactly as the picture above, with no handle or adapter to use them.

My first action to fix this was to look for something ready on Thinkgiverse. After looking the site for a while, trying different keywords, I managed to find the project “Customizable adapter tool handle“, which is “kinda exactly” what I was looking for. “Kinda” becaus that project uses one full handle to each of the drill bits. In my opinion, this is not necessary and I could do it with less material.

So, inspired by the idea for the handle from that project, I could model a set of adapters and handle, very, much like those screw driver sets, where you only have 1 screwdriver handle and lots of different bits:

This way, instead of 5 handles, I had 5 adapters, with less material.

Also, in order the handle didn’t break because of the torsion, I added, to the handle project, a hole to insert a 20mm M3 screw. (Note that, as the handle rod is upright to the printing layers, the it can break more easily when a torsion force is applied).

After printed, all the adapters and the handle, the set looks like this:

With this set, I can carve the screw threads easily (since I don’t need to carve 2 threads simultaneously) and I can store them using less space.

The Box

Speaking of “storing” the set, immediately after finish it, I needed a box to store it. Although my hoarder personality allowed me to gather a formidable collection of boxes, of all kinds, none of them were adequate to what I wanted.

So, again, I started to think and work and managed to endup with a model of a box with magnetic cap/cover to store those tools:

I left some space on the inside of the brackets to allow adding some EVA rubber in order to keep the bits tightly still inside the box.

In order to place the magnets correctly aligned, I put one magned under a CD transparent cover and position 4 magnets, one at a time over it so the magnets are atracted to the one below. I marked each on the top in red color:

After, I flipped the magnet below the CD cover and repated the process with another 4 magnets. Only this time I marked them in blue color:

So, I glued the red magnets to the respective holes in the box (using some CA glue) and the blue magnets to the holes in the cap. This way I make sure all the magnets are atracted to each other:

By the end, the fulll set Drill Bits + adapters + box ended up this way:



The .stl (ready for printing), can be downloaded from the project page on Thingiverse (click here to download).


3D Printing

Nozzle 0.4mm – No need for smaller diameter
Material ABS: Must scale all objects in 1.01, otherwise, they will end up smaller than they should, due to the material shrinkage.
Infill 30% is the ideal. Using less then 30% can make the object a bit weak.
Other Each tool adapter is in its own file. To print them all together, add all of  them to the same slicer virtual printbed before start the process.