Bag Clips


If you you buy things like sugar, salt, Ruffles, Lays, popcorn, you endup with lots of plastic bags with half of the content. So, you need some bag clips to keep the content fresh.

After buying my 3D printer, I started to explore Thingiverse, and found a very useful project to this problem:

The project has clips in 2 sizes: 6.5cm e 8.5cm, enough to cover most of the needs on this subject.

The interesting part of this project clips is that, although each object has 2 pieces, they are printed as one. At the end of the printing, the only necessary thing is to close them as you’ll do if closing a bag with them.

Some times, depending on the amount of uses, one or another clip breaks. But as the printing time for 2 clips is about 40 minutes, this is not really a problem. Actually, to print them costs roughly the same as buying (electricity costs included).


This is, probably, the object I printed the most. I have several clips and gave a lot others to relatives and friends.



Nozzle 0.4mm – No need for smaller diameter
Material ABS: Not necessary to scale the object, because the shrinkage will not affect its behavior.
Infill 30% is the ideal. Using less then 30% can make the object a bit weak.